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  • Time:2017-10-01
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BYC Cryptocurrency Introduction

BYC is the abbreviation of bytecent, which is the first peer-to-peer reward network supported by blockchain technology. BYC virtual currency, BYC currency market, bytecent network is a global consumer computer chain running special software for automatic transaction processing. Anyone with a PC and Internet connection can join the bytecent network. Consumers running bytecent software regularly receive bytecent transaction processing and assistance in protecting bytecent network.

Bytecent is a superior alternative to traditional incentive schemes. By leveraging the CPU capabilities of thousands of computers around the world, we can provide a secure and scalable reward network in more than 150 countries. Whether it's smartphone applications, e-commerce websites, desktop software or any other platform, our reward solutions can be easily integrated.

The unique features we offer are not available on any other reward platform. Unlike other incentive programs, bytecent is cross site and cross platform compatible. Consumers are not limited to using their rewards on one website. Consumers can use their rewards anywhere. In addition to secure transactions and portability, bytecents never expire, and there is no limit to how many bytecents you can accumulate or spend.

Another unique feature that distinguishes bytecent from other reward platforms is the ability to convert bytecent into bitcoin, cash and gift cards. We provide consumers with the flexibility and freedom to choose how they consume or convert their bytecent. We never punish our users for not spending their bytecent, or decide how or when they can use their bytecent.

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