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GRAM Cryptocurrency Introduction

Gram coin is a blockchain based telegram encryption community. It is a communication application focusing on speed and security. It's fast, simple and free. Based on the basis of telegraph, end-to-end encryption in gram currency ensures that messages can only be read by the receiver. Through secret chat, no content is stored on our server. You can write and destroy messages on two devices freely.The team named the official gram coin community as gramspace, which has the nature of sandbox and unlimited expansion. Users can buy land, grow crops, build buildings, etc. in the gram space. Finally, as the enhanced design of telegraph, gram coin provides rich interfaces, which can be compatible with AR devices and 3D printing devices.

The fuel token operated by the gram coin system is also called gram coin. Users can use gram coin to enjoy a variety of value-added services in the telegraph space, improve mining efficiency, or directly buy other users' houses or plots to expand their own telegraph space. At the same time, you can also enjoy various sweets and benefits in the telegram group with gram coins. All sweets in the telegram group will be concentrated here in the future.

Gram coin team is not the official telegraph team. The goal of the project is to provide all functions of block chain according to compatible telegraph address book and group. Gram coin is not the ton of telegram. Opengram has no limit on the size of media and chat. Unaware networks switch countries and all different situations. Opengram uses an end-to-end encryption scheme to protect your privacy. Through end-to-end encryption, your communication content will not be decrypted by the server, so your mail is protected from intrusion.

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