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Metaverse Cryptocurrency Introduction

Metaverse,the science fiction avalanche, born in 1992, depicts a huge virtual reality world where people use digital avatars to control and compete with each other to improve their status. Up to now, it still describes the advanced future world. In fact, the so-called meta universe has always existed in human society“ In addition to real life, human beings have built another space through thought. The exchange and inheritance of thought and thought form tradition and culture ". Each era needs advanced communication methods. For example, on the content carrier, people used to obtain information mainly through graphics and text, but now they are used to short video. On the communication carrier, people used to get information on the TV screen, and then VR technology was born, which has a more immersive sense.

At present, they mainly cut into the meta universe track from three aspects: content, social networking and hardware. These are the three major parts of the current Internet manufacturers with advantages, high importance and exploration space among the eight elements of the meta universe. In terms of content, i.e. focus on products similar to roblox and open world games.


Metaverse is a platform carrying virtual activities with trusted asset value and identity authentication, which realizes the replication of the underlying logic of the real world. Its essence is a platform carrying all virtual activities. Users can socialize, entertain, create, display, educate, trade and other activities, which will have a subtle impact and change on users' production and life style.

Metaverse has the following points: 1. It has credible asset value; 2. Identity authentication can be carried out; 3. It is a replica of all production and life styles in the physical world from the virtual world. Meta universe concept currencies mainly include AXS, TLM, gupas, mana, sand, Alice, etc.

Metaverse development route:

In 2018, the science fiction film ready player one directed by Steven Spielberg, a well-known Hollywood director, was released. This film is widely praised by later generations as the first large-scale popularization and promotion of the concept of meta universe

In 2019, Facebook announced the launch of the social virtual space project Facebook horizon

In 2020, decentraland, a decentralized virtual platform, will be officially opened to the public.

In 2020, animoca released the metauniverse project the sandbox

In 2020, Manticore games released the alpha version of the online video game core.

In 2020, rival peak, an artificial intelligence competition reality show based on cloud services, launched Facebook watch. The whole program is launched in the virtual space. Individual or group viewers can directly participate in and interact with the program through the Facebook platform.

In 2020, the social virtual reality platform somniumspace based on Ethereum was officially launched.

In 2021, Epic Games financed the creation of online video game fortrite, which the company vigorously built as a meta cosmic narrative.

In 2021, Microsoft released Microsoft mesh software system. Users run the software through Microsoft's VR / AR devices (such as hololens 2), which can present virtual scenes in physical reality and realize the effect of mixed reality.

In 2021, the beta version of the virtual reality platform sensorium galaxy was launched. Its online store accepts cryptocurrency payments.

In 2021, South Korea announced the establishment of the national meta universe alliance to build a unified virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) platform.

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