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  • Founder:NEOS team
  • White Paper:
  • Time:2016-07-25
  • Explorer: Explorer1
  • NEOS Price:-
  • Exchange:2
  • Website: Website1

NEOS Total:3,787,161


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NEOS Cryptocurrency Introduction

Donito is made up of two components. First, there is a platform that allows you to accept popular cryptocurrencies in your fundraising campaigns. You can also accept and hold the native cryptocurrency, DONU, which offers additional incentives.

Donito is a non-profit platform designed to support users and DONU token holders. The small fee we charge on transactions goes directly towards buying DONU tokens at market value and optionally burning them.


Plus, when your supporters send you DONU tokens, you’ll pay even lower fees!

Participate in the Donu ecosystem by holding DONU tokens, which you can buy or earn!

Create your Donito profile

Help your supporters get to know you!

(Coming soon!)

Get your DONU Wallet

Keep your DONU in one of our several available wallets.

Get DONU Network Token

Buy DONU Here

Spend DONU

Support initiatives you care about, or hold onto your tokens and earn more DONU!

NEOS Cryptocurrency Exchange

NEOS Cryptocurrency Notice

NEOS Cryptocurrency News



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