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SHIFT Cryptocurrency Introduction

Shift is a new decentralized and universal Web3.0 website. Shift uses an equity certificate type blockchain based on the interstellar file storage system. The website transaction speed is fast, and has begun to go online and decentralized application.


Static hosting

Host your website or application-specific assets in under 60 seconds at incredibly cheap rates. Test your changes for free on our Testnet before pushing them live on the Mainnet. Your content will be replicated across the globe for super fast and reliable access.

Dynamic hosting

Bring your website or API to life by running custom code (Java, C#, Go, JavaScript, Scala and Python are all supported). Test your custom code locally using the Phoenix SDK. Use lambda functions to render content, process requests, output results, manage data and much, much more!

Encrypted hosting

Choose to use strong client-side encryption for secure storage of your personal files. After encryption, your files are split into pieces before then being distributed across the global network of storage nodes. You own your private keys and you are in control of your data. Optionally, add the public key of others to safely share your files.

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