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  • Founder:SYNX team
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  • Time:2016-06-14
  • Explorer: Explorer1
  • SYNX Price:$0.005188
  • Exchange:4
  • Website: Website1

SYNX Total:19,531,650


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SYNX Cryptocurrency Introduction

Syndicate is a decentralized cryptocurrency combined with the most advanced business software to provide unique opportunities for business owners in economically difficult countries. Syndicate is also a community cryptocurrency used to vote whether a project is issued.

At present, in the course of many years, only 23000120 synx coins are in circulation. The moment you get synx currency, you can organize it by setting masternode or lofting to generate higher annual interest rate.

Synx masternodes earn revenue because they provide services to cryptocurrency infrastructure. These services add value to users, create more security for the masternode network and disperse the node network. By setting masternode, you will receive your own "private savings account" (deposit 5000 synx coins into a locked account, and you will begin to receive interest.)

New syndicate currency specification:

Blocking time: 60 seconds (relocation of each block)

Block maturity: 101 blocks

Minimum setting out age: 3 hours

Reward: 10 synx coins

Masternode collateral: 5000 synx

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