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YT Cryptocurrency Introduction

What currency is YT? The full English name is cherry. YT is currently the world's leading and largest future autonomous encrypted social network.

Its ecological brands include: Cherry social platform, cherry ex trading platform, cherry wallet digital assets, cherry news media information platform, cherry dapps open application open platform, etc., which aims to provide one-stop blockchain services for global cryptocurrency lovers.

Cherry is the future autonomous encrypted social network. Cherryex is a decentralized digital asset trading platform with IM based P2P trading. Cherrytoken (YT) is the global points issued according to the above platform, with a total of 100 million and enjoy the rights and interests of the platform.

Encrypted communication

Cherry platform has established an encrypted social network for global cryptocurrency lovers to communicate freely.

High frequency trading

Up to 100000 TPS, carrying global transactions and thousands of DAPP operations.

Asset autonomy

Cherry's decentralized digital asset wallet, cold storage and 100% user managed private key.

Intelligent risk control

Cherry's multiple intelligent verification risk control mechanism ensures 100% security of user accounts and assets.

MEXC Globalwww.mxc.com

YT Cryptocurrency Exchange

YT Cryptocurrency Notice

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